Contour Memory Foam Pillow Review

By | September 1, 2015

Sleep Innovations Contour Memory Foam Pillow

Sleep Innovations Contour Memory Foam Pillow







        Value for money



          • - Ventilation
          • - Choice of height
          • - Hypoallergenic
          • - Cheap


          • - Chemical smell
          • - Durability issues

          The Sleep Innovations Contour Memory Foam Pillow has been carefully crafted and designed to cradle your head and neck while providing therapeutic support and encouraging healthy sleep positions. This memory foam pillow is ideal for people who like to sleep on their side or back and provides a medium to medium-firm feel. Its premium memory foam is made in the United States. The contour memory foam pillow has been designed with a high loft and low loft to help you choose the most comfortable sleeping position for you. It responds to body weight and promotes proper spinal alignment while sleeping.

          What we like

          There is a lot to love about this memory foam pillow; from its ease of care to the comfort of use, from its ability to not retain heat, to its warranty. Here are some of the pros of this product:

          • Ideal for back and side sleepers
            This memory foam pillow can be used on either side to allow the users to choose which position is more comfortable for them. It works best for people who sleep on their back or their sides. Many users like it as they say it conforms to them personally and has eliminated or reduced their neck, head, and back pain with just a few night’s sleep on it.
          • Easy to care for
            The pillow comes with a removable machine washable cover, making cleaning a breeze. If the pillow itself should become soiled, it is best to clean it with a damp rag.
          • Hypoallergenic
            This pillow resists allergens and mites. It is also made of hypoallergenic materials.
          • Reduces sleeping discomforts
            Many users report that this pillow has helped them to reduce or eliminate insomnia, headaches, and snoring. By positioning the body in proper alignment for sleep, several conditions related to sleep or related to how the body feels during the day can be reduced or eliminated altogether.
          • Resists heat
            Memory foam pillows are notoriously known for retaining heat. This can be highly uncomfortable for the user, who has less pain and discomfort in his or her back and neck during the night, will be too hot to sleep. This particular pillow does not retain heat or heat up like other memory foam pillows can do.
          • Price
            At about 25 bucks this is a budget friendly pillow, especially for memory foam.

          What we don’t like

          While many users rave about this pillow, there are several cons reported by other users. Some of these cons can be temporary and easy to look past. However, others may be more of a sticking point and cause users not to like the pillow altogether. Some cons of this memory foam pillow include:

          • Not idea for short people or stomach sleepers
            This pillow is not correctly supportive of the spine while stomach sleeping. It can also be difficult for short people to use due to its size and shape.
          • Quality issues
            The company appears to sometimes produce “bad batches” of these pillows. For a while the quality and ratings seem great, and then for a few months they go back down as users seem to have gotten a batch that is of a lower quality. Even people who ordered two pillows at once report differences in quality.
          • Odour
            Many users have reported a chemical or plastic type smell as soon as they open their pillow from the packaging. Some report that this smell goes away over time, usually within 48-72 hours, while other users say it never goes away or that it was so bad they had to throw the pillow out.
          • Not Durable
            This pillow has been reported to wear out quickly, or even dissolve if it becomes damp.
          • Texture can vary with temperature
            It has been noticed by many that the texture of this memory foam pillow can change with the room temperature; becoming softer and more pliable with heat and stiffer and firm when it is cooler.

          Final Verdict

          Overall this pillow has helped many people get a better night’s sleep and to reduce their pain during the day. If you are a back or a side sleeper and you are on a budget, this pillow might be the key to a better night’s sleep for you. Having said that, due to the quality issues reported, we recommend looking at some of the higher end models; they will in the end pay themselves back in durability.

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